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Frugal Living Advice

These economic times have spawned a host of websites with ideas for saving money.

Do a word search on “frugal living” to sample the many ingenious suggestions for scrappy and thoughtful people.

At, view the many videos on saving money such as How to Slash your Grocery Store Bill to How to Negotiate a Car Price to tips on holding your first yard sale.

At Wisebread’s frugal living section  there’s an article on How to Get into a Theatre and Watch Movies for Free – legitimately.  Among the many cooking tips is, 15 Ultra-quick Homemade desserts.

At, read Saying Yes to Up-Sell is Saying No to Being Frugal to understand how to arm yourself against subtle selling.

Lastly, read  Libraries Are Better Than You Think  to be reminded of the many free pleasures available at local public libraries.


DIY Tips at Pinterest

You may be familiar with Pinterest, the fast-growing website where anyone can post photos.

What does it have to do with financial tips?  Quite a lot, according to an article at It is full of ideas for low-cost ways to do home repair, redecorate, restyle old clothes, reorganize storage space, hair styling, and many other practical areas. Because it is a non-commercial site, these ideas aren’t tied to buying new things or hiring expensive services.  Instead, it’s a huge collection of ideas from everywhere.

Here’s a sampling:

  • Posters and other artwork that you can easily make yourself
  • Reviving old clothes, e.g. decorating old t-shirts
  • Refinishing furniture with creative touches
  • Remodeling or repairing kitchen cabinets and furniture

To read the whole article, click here or get into a financial frame of mind and visit