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Watch and Learn

Handling your finances well is often framed as an individual matter.  But, if you understand what the economy is doing, you can fare better financially.

A good place to connect economics to your own money matters is through Paul Solmon’s program on the PBS  News Hour and his companion website, Making Sen$e: Your Guide to the Economy.

Start with the videos for teachersWhat does Goldman Sachs Do? and Are Big Banks Good for the Economy?

View a recent broadcast, The Unemployment Paradox:  Why Job Seekers, Employers Aren’t Connecting to learn more about the job market.

Or take a recent popular quiz, Do You Live in A Bubble? to determine if your socio-economic status and lifestyle separate you from the mainstream of Americans. Based on the book Coming Apart by Charles Murray, it claims that the income and education based enclaves we live in are unhealthy for all of us.